Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Korean Wave Project (2011)

This body of work is an attempt to explore the effect of media on the pop culture of Aizawl, the state capital of Mizoram, which lies in north east India. Every generation is influenced by some form of media as media is the main source of the popular youth culture. This project highlights the South Korean media influence among the teenage girls in Aizawl.

At the turn of the millennia, a South Korean international channel Arirang was introduced in Aizawl by the local cable operators. In less than a decade the demand for the Korean entertainment media grew extensively among the teenage groups (girls in particular) and the women folk.  The Korean wave can be mostly seen in the style of fashion and certain behavioural patterns. This body of work shows girls around Aizawl, who are photographed with projected images of their favourite South Korean entertainers.


  1. wow....this is amazing....ya really got a talent girl.....

  2. this is a very beautiful project and indeed it is a telling observation on the lives of youths in mizoram... keep on posting your thoughts and pictures in your own original way. I really see your creative aspects. good JOB!!!

  3. nice work. out of curiosity, have people also learnt to speak korean?

    1. Thanks :). As far as I know, I haven't run into anyone who has taken Korean language classes. But from watching the Korean serials and films, many of them know the common phrases and words. But I do believe that there will be some who learn the Korean language seriously.

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