Monday, April 16, 2012

Cityscape: A Distorted View

Being a small town girl, living in big city gives me a feeling of constriction. The tall buildings and the mass of concrete structures make me realize the pace of development all over the world.The past few years of my life has been spent in concrete jungles; and I no longer enjoy the fresh view of the lush green hills and the blue mountains every time I wake up. I'm not against the ever increasing development (as it will never stop) but I can't stop dreaming about the green hills and blue mountains. My life is now surrounded by these physical concrete walls wherever I go and I have learned to live with it, forcing myself to accept it as 'normal'. During my visit to one such city, I tried to see the beauty in the walls which have haunted my thoughts. This body of work gives a distorted view a person inside a concrete jungle.


  1. Nice work, technique a sang hle mai....thiam ve a chakawm khawp mai..... a thu chhiar a nuam.... hmuhnawmin ngaihnawm khawp mai....

  2. A ropui, a wril, i thawhrim zia ka hria, ka ngaisang che a, ka chhuang che