Saturday, April 21, 2012

My Grandpa

His wisdom overflowed in silvery white lines
His thoughts inked down each day
His humility shines on his face
His humour, a joy for all
His voice, always a soothing sound
A man of great deeds
Yet disrespected by his own blood
And many a times, his values ignored
But he is still strong as ever
No one else will ever take his place
He is and will always be the greatest
He is my Grandpa


  1. u really captured moments here...i'm sure they will be even more beautiful and meaningful to you than any of us...

  2. Something emotion.... within reality

    Love the lighting condition very much and the theme you have focused.

  3. Precious pictures indeed ... you really captured the moments and its touching. Man may die but memories and photograps shall live forever!

  4. I really admire your skill and imagination in photography...

  5. Ka Pu min ti hrechhuak, ka tah tep chu le!

  6. I so admire your creativity and of course the beautiful photos. You have beautifully shown us your grandfather's life in a few pictures. He looks like a gentle person with a glorious past. Keep up the good work!

  7. i am so touched by this post. lovely!!

  8. Okay. A dik thei ta e :)
    Pu hlutna i hrethiam ringawt pawh hi ngainatna tham i ni. I poem chuan rilru a khawih khawp mai. I thlalak te pawh 'chuai leh tawh lo tur' veka mawi an ni.